Being Underweight and Looking to Gain Weight

People might wonder how to gain weight if you’re underweight. Some individuals wish they had this problem. However, being underweight is often linked to chronic diseases and eating disorders.

If a person is underweight, then they probably need to be looking at high calorie foods. Some of the classics like pizza with extra cheese and full fat ice cream are staples. It might seem fun to eat such a high fat diet, but be careful that one is not over doing it. A person should gain 1 or 2 pounds a week at most. That will be a steady increment, just like losing weight.

The body might get sick if a person tries to overload and consume too many excess calories. This will counteract the process. Also be careful that one does not have a lactose intolerance before embarking on this diet. The intolerance might be one of the reasons that the person is underweight. You can also check out weight gain shakes to get fat